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jackie mclean - tippin' the scales (sleeve art)

Jackie McLean - Two For One (1962)

Happy late birthday wishes to the legendary Jackie McLean.

This particular session sadly sat on the shelves for 17 years before it was finally issued in Japan in 1979. The presence of my favorite groove merchant, Sonny Clark, in his penultimate appearance for Blue Note before his death—along with label stalwarts Butch Warren and Art Taylor—ensures that the proceedings swing hard, and his bluesy legerdemain is everywhere in evidence. Jackie tackles this particularly complicated composition with his signature relish. He is one of a handful of musicians that you can positively identify in a note or two.  

On an unrelated design note, the difference between the 1979 Japanese Blue Note sleeve art below and the incongruous 1984 American vintage above is, shall we say, stark.

Luckily, the music shines either way.

1979 Japanese release

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